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Eye Emergencies

An eye emergency can be frightening, and many patients are unsure if they should visit an optometrist or go to an emergency room. We encourage anyone who has concerns with their eyes to give us a call and our friendly and knowledgeable staff will provide the best advice for your emergency.

From red, irritated eyes to experiencing a sudden loss of vision, our eye doctors are experienced with eye emergencies. They are able to diagnose and treat eye infections, help remove a foreign body that may be stuck in your eye and guide you to the best medical treatment to prevent vision loss or any complications, as necessary.

In the event of an eye emergency, contact us immediately for assistance; please call our Milton office at: 905-878-7625

Eye Emergencies Treated By Our Milton Eye Doctors

Research has shown that most emergency room visits for eye emergencies could have been done at an experienced optometrist. Because of our location, our eye doctors are highly experienced in treating a wide range of eye emergencies. Whether you are visiting Milton or live in the area, we are happy to provide you with the highest level of medical eye care available.

We Manage The Following Eye Emergencies:

  • Sudden vision loss
  • Eye floaters or flashes of light
  • Eye infections and pink eye
  • Foreign body removal (removing things stuck in the eye)
  • Eye injuries and cuts to the eye
  • Painful, itchy, red, dry, or uncomfortable eyes
  • Emergency contact lens and glasses

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